Friday, December 21, 2012

More on Christmas

Christmas will soon be upon us and I have been dredging through my memories for my most memorable Christmas.

There is the one Christmas when I received a brand new bicycle, my very first adult sized bike. My brother Carl (by the way, I was six years old before I found out his name was Carl not Brother), also got a bicycle, but his was not brand new, it was recycled. My dad had taken my old smaller bicycle, repainted it and added what I would call a passenger rack on the back. He had also painted Carl’s name on the chain guard. I have to admit, I envied that bicycle, though mine was new, his was a lot nicer.

Now, my most memorable and favorite Christmas was the Christmas of 1973. That was the first Christmas I shared with my new bride, Vicky (by the way, that’s just the name she has been call all her life, her name is really Vilinda). Vicky and I became husband and wife on December 22nd of that year and will be celebrating our 39th anniversary tomorrow.

In those 39 years we have celebrated and enjoyed many memorable Christmases as our family has grown to include 2 sons-in-law and 6 beautiful grandchildren.


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  1. Gosh, you guys have been married a life time. Lol. We made it over to Enterprise this afternoon, but we didn't get the door's your dad was looking for. I keep putting him off for some reason. I'm a little tired out tonight. Glad to see you made a new post. Love you. mom