Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas, Christmas Time is Near

My mom tried to get her Christmas decorating done last week, but her doddering old man (my dad) and his cat Sam managed to nearly destroy her work.  She ended up taking the first tree down and replacing it with another.  She usually has a house full at Christmas time with my sister, Sheila, and family coming from North Carolina; my brother, Shawn, and family coming from Texas and of course me and my local family and probably my brother, Carl, whom I have written about previously, and his wife and youngest daughter.

Carl and I have the honor of having older married children and grandchildren.  Carl’s daughter Kime’ will be giving him another grandchild this coming year and his son, Donovan’s wife will also bring him another grandchild.

Vicky (my dear wife) and I have six grandchildren.  Our daughter, Robyn (the oldest) gave us our first, a beautiful little girl who has since grown into a beautiful young lady, her name is Hayley.  A funny thing happened shortly after Hayley’s birth, Vicky became pregnant with our youngest daughter Lilly and Robyn became pregnant with our second grandchild Dalton.  So Hayley is a year older than Lilly and Dalton is three weeks younger than Lilly. Cole, her last child, came as a bit of a surprise, but has been a blessing to us all.  I really had a lot of fun messing with people’s minds at our church after Lilly was born.  I would change out the kids on Sunday morning, so they never knew whether I had Lilly, Hayley or Dalton.

Jaime, daughter number two, also has three kids.  D’vante, from her first marriage and Elijah (Eli) and Chloe from her current marriage, we don’t expect any more from her since Chloe and Eli caused her some serious health problems.

We currently have a 21 year old son, Ethan, and, of course, 14 year old Lilly still living at home.  Ethan is enrolled at Enterprise State Community College and expects to transfer to Auburn to complete his degree.

Enough, this is supposed to be about Christmas.

I recently told a friend how I gave Vicky a box of Crackerjacks one Christmas.  When she unwrapped the box she just stared at it.  I told her to open it up and see what kind of prize she got.  When she opened the box inside was a pair of ear rings, all she could say after that was, “How did you do that.”  I told her that I slit the top of the box open and took the original prize out and replaced it with the ear rings, then sealed the box back up so that you couldn’t tell it had been opened.  I did the same with Jaime, but instead of a replacement prize, I left directions to her special prize.

There have been many memorable Christmas over the years and hopefully there will be many more.  We must all continue to remember that there would not be a Christmas without Christ.  Merrrrrry Christmas.

Til next time…..

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