Thursday, December 13, 2012

Adventures at Maw and Paw’s

It was just your average wood frame farm house, but it was huge to a little boy.  I speak of my Maw and Paw’s house.  A lot of memories were made there.

The House 2 - B&W

The house as it appears today.

It had the high ceilings.  One room had a fireplace and  it was in this room that I can remember playing underneath a large frame which hung from the ceiling.  The frame held the makings of a quilt and was surrounded by my Maw, aunts, cousins and other neighborhood ladies, busily sewing the quit together.

When I was a kid, I was like a lot of young'uns; I liked to plunder through drawers and things to see what I could find.  It was during one of these plundering's that my plundering came to a complete halt.  I pulled out the drawer of an old dresser in a back bedroom and a snake stuck its head out, thus ending my plundering days.

That was not my only encounter with a snake.  On another occasion I was simply sitting in front of the fireplace when a snake poked its head up through a hole on the edge of the brick hearth.

On both occasions the snake was a harmless king snake, so there was no chance of harm, but they definitely scared the living daylights out of a young Ronnie.

My aunt Marie Anderson, my late uncle Mutt’s (Lloyd) wife, lives in the house now.

Til next time….


  1. I enjoy reading your memories of you growing you. Mom

  2. The house did seem a lot bigger when we were little. Enjoying your memories. Sheila